On behalf of myself and the entire Spectralink Executive team, please accept my sincere appreciation for all your technical support developing our new PIVOT (originally Thor) platform. The partnership Spectralink Engineering had with your organization was a vital part of our success in 2013. We look forward to growing our alliance and having your organization continue to be an integral part of our 2014 engineering program. Thanks to your dedication and support we have taken the Thor program from just a concept a year ago, to the new PIVOT mobile device we are launching into the industry in February 2014. We are proud to have you as a strategic partner and extension of our Spectralink Global R&D Engineering team.
Brenda J. Budìynski | Vice President
Global R&D Engineering, Spectralink Corporation
Working with the team at 303 Software has taken it to the next level in terms of producing meaningful results for our business in the digital space. The overall process and project management experience continually exceeds my expectations.
Amy Lindsey | Assistant Director
Marketing & Communication, City of Denver – Arts & Venues
303 Software has helped us implement an application that we use in our daily… operations. Their fine work and the impact that it continues to have on our business results have been praised by members of our headquarters leadership team. The quality of their product has attracted the attention of the national level Pepsi Bottling Group sales team. We fully expect to continue to do business with 303 Software in the future.
Miguel Vanegas | Director of Business Development
Pepsi Bottling Group
Over the past 3 years we have used 303 Software exclusively for all of our web projects. I can honestly say that if it weren’t for the hard working employees of 303 Software many a project would have been lost or not finished on time. From databases to extreme web functionality, 303 Software has always managed to provide first-rate work to us and our clients. Utilizing 303 Software’s knowledge we have been able to secure large scale, dynamically driven websites. 303 Software’s willingness to go that extra mile for us and our clients, ensures that we will continue working with them.
Duaine Booker | Senior Designer
Delta Faucets
We have all been amazingly pleased with the level of organization and support the team at 303 Software has provided amidst an otherwise demanding website development project. From sales and strategy all the way through to ongoing support, our expectations have been consistently exceeded. The project management process at 303 Software really keeps tasks organized and our goals and objectives at it’s core. Hope to do more work with you soon.
Molly North | Executive Director
I really enjoy working with 303 Software. The responsiveness of the staff there and the talent behind the work you do is appreciated. We don’t have the talent on staff to provide the type of development we need in a world where security really matters to our members. We contracted with 303Software because we needed a trusted partner and an expert in development. As a small business, we cannot afford to have this level of expertise in-house. However, the experts did need to show an ability to work with our internal IT department to solve problems. We found this in 303Software. When a problem arose, they did not waste time pointing fingers, but focused on a solution that made sure our members continued to get the service they deserved. They gave solid advice. They honestly assessed our projects, and gave us confidence that they could plan and implement our projects successfully. Moving forward, they have sat with us and planned strategies to make future projects efficient. The customer-service and communication has always been top notch. Websites get more complicated every day, and I look forward to having a trusted partner working with our organization to make sure our website performs effectively.
Helen Gibson | Vice President of Marketing & Education
Denver Community Credit Union
We have talked on many occasions about how excited we are to work with such a progressive, innovative, organized, and effective company. We are very pleased with 303 Software! eSign is such a big hit! All of our candidates LOVE it and have provided such amazing feedback. We couldn’t have worked with a better team. We are starting to look at the statistics and it’s shaping out that eSign candidates had a 2.7% rejection rate whereas paper candidates had a 35-40% rejection rate.
Amanda Beach | Voter Records Manager
City & County of Denver, Elections Division